Male Sterilization

male4Male sterilization is quick, simple and performed under local anaesthetic, whereas female sterilisation involves a general anaesthetic and a more invasive, trans-abdominal procedure. Female sterilisation is also less effective.

Speak to your surgeon, who has a wide experience of counselling regarding male sterilisation.


Male Sterilization is also known as a Vasectomy and full information on the procedure can be found on the Vasectomy page.

The patient usually goes home the same day, can shower on the evening of the operation, and should be able to return to work in two to three days. There may be some pain and swelling, which should respond to painkillers. Supportive underpants should be worn night and day until the tiny puncture wounds have healed.

After the operation your semen is checked to make sure it’s free from sperm, which can stay in the tubes leading to the penis. However, these tests can take up to twelve weeks to complete, so alternative contraception should be used for at least eight weeks after the operation until you are given the all clear.

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