Prostate Surgery

prostatecancer3If you need prostate surgery then you’ll find the team at Somerset Urology professional ad caring, while our facilities at Nuffield Health Taunton Taunton Hospital comfortable and private.

Some prostate surgery can be done as a day case procedure so you can leave on the same day you came (eg Urolift or Rezum), but for more complex prostate surgery (eg TURP or laser surgery) a short stay in hospital is likely to be needed (often only 1-2 nights). para 3 need to be changed to “Today’s prostate surgery techniques are minimally-invasive and have a more rapid return to normal activities than traditional procedures, with preservation of sexual and urinary function.

Today’s prostate surgery techniques are non-evasive and there are still many other procedures that can assist recovery from prostate problems. From radiology to medicine all are available to the public from private or private hospitals.