Dorsal Slits

What is Dorsal Slit Surgery

Used as a less-invasive alternative to circumcision to relieve tight foreskin conditions such as phimosis and paraphimosis, a dorsal slit is a single incision along the length of the foreskin from the tip to the ridge, exposing the penis head without removing any tissue.

The two edges of the slit heal separately, leaving ‘flaps’ in the foreskin, which are not considered attractive. Consequently dorsal slit surgery is now rarely performed in Western countries.

Another option, Preputioplasty, is similar to dorsal slit, but is surgically more sophisticated. One or more very short slits are made in the foreskin, between the tip and the ridge, but each of these is sewn up horizontally, thus making the foreskin wider, if a little shorter.

In other words a slit cut like this [|] is closed and stitched like this [—]. The opening of the foreskin is now normally wide enough for the foreskin to be easily retracted.

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