Preventing Cystitis

Prevention of Cystitis

Complete prevention is not possible, but you can try to avoid cystitis:

  • Whenever you need to urinate, always go as soon as you can to avoid stressing the bladder, and always empty your bladder fully when you go.
  • Shower rather than bathe – the cleaning products in the bath can be harmful – and avoid perfumed soap and toiletries around the genitals.
  • wear underwear made from natural fibres and avoid tight trousers
  • Women and girls: when you go to the toilet, learn to wipe from the front of your genitals to the back, so as not to carry bacteria to the front.

Food and Drink and Cystitis

Be aware that some types of food and drink can trigger your cystitis – such as coffee, fruit juice or spicy foods.

Cranberry juice has not been proved to help relieve pain, but it may help to prevent further outbreaks of cystitis, and is best taken concentrated in capsule form rather than as a drink, as you need to drink a lot of juice to feel the benefit. Cranberry capsules are not recommended if you are taking blood-thinning medication.

Cystitis and Sex

If intimacy causes cystitis, good hygiene is important for both you and your partner: wash your genitals and your hands before and after sex. Use a lubricant during sex to avoid friction. NB: oil-based lubricants can weaken latex condoms, so check that your lubricant is water-based. After sex, empty your bladder straight away to wash out harmful bacteria from your urethra.